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Designed for Brokers

Brokers, both large and small, can use Scheme Trader to deliver insurance schemes efficiently either via phone / contact centre or direct to the public online. Our software has a complete package of features, including document production, full policy cycle management, diary and notes, MI and back-office accounting reports, and can be customised to meet the requirements of your business

Manage the full policy cycle

Scheme Trader offers a complete solution whatever the line of business. With our software you can manage the complete life cycle of insurance policies - new business, mid-term adjustments, renewals and cancellations.

sample policy documents generated by Scheme Trader

Scheme Trader will generate all the policy documents throughout the policy life cycle. All documentation is stored securely online and can be emailed to the policyholder or downloaded and printed. All documents are generated in secure PDF format.

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Manage your processes

Scheme Trader is an "end-to-end" solution that is designed to help brokers manage all aspects of their schemes efficiently. With Scheme Trader you can...

  • Generate quotes and bind risks.
  • Set up rules to refer quotations to your staff or outside parties.
  • Document all client conversations with the notes screen.
  • Record all future tasks in the diary.
  • Upload documents to a policy record.
  • Integrate your contact centre scripts.
  • Process card payments.
  • Access real-time management information.
  • View and manage financial transactions.
  • Submit monthly accounts online.
  • Transfer data to other systems.
  • And much more...

Manage your users

With Scheme Trader you can control who has access to the system, what they can access and whether they can login from any location or just your office.

For all key tasks Scheme Trader records the date, time and user so you'll always know who did what and when. You can also allocate enquiries to a specific member of staff and monitor staff conversion ratios via the real-time management information screens.

Training and support

As Scheme Trader is so easy to use the majority of our clients require little or no training. Should training be required a session by telephone is usually sufficient, however, if required, we can also provide training for your staff at your office location. You'll also have access to our support helpdesk so that we can assist with your queries and deal with issues fast.

If you would like to find out more about Scheme Trader please contact us.

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Key features...

Scheme Trader is rich in features to help brokers transact business with efficiency and speed:

  • Manage the complete life cycle of insurance policies.
  • Supports personal lines and commercial insurance including niche schemes.
  • Online quote and buy (B2C).
  • Supports single schemes and multiple schemes from a panel of insurers.
  • Generates all the policy documents throughout the policy life cycle.
  • Built in diary / task manager and notes features.
  • Upload documents to a policy record.
  • Real-time management information including loss ratios.
  • Audit trail of key tasks.
  • Administer users' access.
  • Online submission of accounts.
  • Fully hosted and managed software platform.
  • Highly secure with hourly off-site back ups.

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