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Using Scheme Trader's report tab you can view up-to-date management information (MI) that is generated in real-time. You can quickly analyse written business, view loss ratios, manage financial transactions and submit accounting reports.

Policy analysis

real-time management information

Scheme Trader's real-time management information ensures you are always up-to-date. Our real-time performance reports include loss ratios, written and earned premium, average claim costs and claim frequencies. Performance reports can be analysed by key rating factors to facilitate rate analysis.

Policies written can also be viewed in real-time and filtered and split by rating factors and other key criteria. Written policy reports include conversion ratios, average premiums and commission rates. All data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Financial reports

Scheme Trader's financial reports list all policy transactions (new business, MTAs, renewals and cancellations) within a specified date range and show premium, commission, payment method, etc. They can be used to reconcile payments due against money received.

Bordereau production

Bordereau production

Scheme Trader automatically produces a monthly accounting bordereau, which is submitted online. Subject to terms and conditions, which can be defined for each scheme, payments can be withheld and are then automatically carried over to the following month.

Management tier

If Scheme Trader is used to deliver a product through multiple brokers then the insurer, MGA or underwriting agency can use the "management tier". This provides live management information (MI) and allows users to monitor broker performance as each risk is placed on cover.

The management tier MI screens allow policies written to be filtered by line of business, scheme, broker and rating factor and can be customised if you have additional requirements. The performance of each scheme can also be analysed with loss ratios available for the complete book or filtered by broker or other factors. All MI data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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Key features...

Scheme Trader's reporting tools are rich in features:

  • Management information generated in real-time.
  • Earned premium and loss ratio calculations.
  • Split / analyse data key rating factors.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • View and manage financial transactions.
  • Management tier for MI across all brokers.

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