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It starts with a quote...

Scheme Trader is a software platform that facilitates the efficient delivery and management of insurance schemes. It is designed for a range of users, from single brokers to underwriting agencies and large networks, and can be used to deliver single schemes or multiple schemes from a panel of insurers. The Scheme Trader rating engine can deal with the most complex scenarios and our data capture forms are bespoke for each of our clients so you can capture the data you need.


Capture the data you need

When you use Scheme Trader there is no need to design your scheme around our existing data capture forms - we'll configure our software to collect the data you need in order to rate the risk.

Our modular approach, agile methodology and use of the latest technology means that we can set up bespoke data capture forms fast and keep costs low. All our forms have built in data validation, conditional questions and integrate with third party services such as postcode and DVLA vehicle registration look-up, to speed up data entry.

Scheme Trader can also help to improve your customer service as your call centre scripts can be incorporated into the software. These can be inserted against individual questions or at key stages of the quote and buy process.

Rate the risk

Scheme Trader's powerful rating engine can be used to rate both simple and complex risks from any line of business including niche schemes. It supports single schemes and multiple schemes from a panel of insurers.

Scheme Trader supports multiple schemes from a panel of insurers.

Scheme Trader is currently used across multiple lines of business including buildings and contents, landlords, motor (private car, CV and multiple niche motor schemes), leisure products and commercial combined.

If multiple brokers or agents deliver your scheme then Scheme Trader can vary the rates, commissions and terms for each user. Schemes can also be cloned then edited to create "sub-schemes" that may share key elements such as policy documentation and rating logic.

We recognise that speed is key. If you require a rating change then it will usually be applied, tested and live within 1 business day. All rate changes can be tracked via our version control system and can be applied straight away or on a future date.

Refine your quote and generate documents

Scheme Trader allows the user to quickly refine a quotation to match their client's demands and needs - premiums regenerate immediately. Multiple quotations can be saved within each enquiry so that there is a full auditable record of all premiums generated.

If required, a user can be given permission to edit system-generated rates and excesses, subject to tight pre-set controls. Risks that have been referred by the system can also be loaded subject to insurer authorisation.

Quotes, and associated documentation such as policy summaries, wordings and statements of fact, can be emailed directly to a potential customer as PDF files or printed and sent by post.

B2C online quote and buy

In addition to delivering schemes via a contact centre, Scheme Trader also has a client facing front-end that allows customers to obtain a quote and buy their policy online.

Scheme Trader allows customers to obtain a quote and buy their policy online

With the Scheme Trader system customers can get a quote at any time of the day or night and purchase a policy securely by credit or debit card. Customers can save and retrieve their quote to buy later and can download policy documentation and certificates securely. All online quotes are saved in Scheme Trader and can be accessed within the broker system so that they can be followed up.

The Scheme Trader client-facing front-end can be styled to match existing branding. It can be integrated into an existing website or our professional design team can work with you to build a website that meets your needs.

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Key features...

Scheme Trader is rich in features to enable users to rate a risk:

  • Data capture forms are bespoke for each of our clients.
  • Powerful rating engine.
  • Online quote and buy (B2C).
  • Supports single schemes and multiple schemes from a panel of insurers.
  • Can rate personal lines and commercial insurance including niche schemes.
  • Based on latest technology (.NET/SQL).
  • Postcode and DVLA vehicle registration look-up.
  • Supports sub-schemes.
  • Can incorporate your call contact scripts.
  • Vary the rates, commissions and terms from broker to broker.
  • SLA to ensure fast rate changes.

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