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Designed for MGAs, Networks and Underwriting Agencies...

MGAs, networks and underwriting agencies can use the Scheme Trader insurance platform to bring their products to market via brokers or direct to the public. Each scheme / product can be configured differently for each broker by varying commission rates, terms, geographical exclusions and much more.

Account management and MI

management and broker tiers

All MGAs, networks and underwriting agencies that use Scheme Trader have access to the "management tier". This provides live management information (MI) and allows users to monitor broker performance as each risk is placed on cover. As brokers can upload documents, such as proof of bonus, to a policy record, they can be remotely audited to ensure key tasks are being carried out effectively. For all key tasks Scheme Trader records the date, time and user so you'll always know who did what and when.

The MI screens allow policies written to be filtered by line of business, scheme, broker and rating factor and can be customised if you have additional requirements. The performance of each scheme can also be analysed with loss ratios available for the complete book or filtered by broker or other factors. All MI data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Scheme Trader's management tier also contains built in accounting reports. Brokers submit accounts online and these are immediately available to the Insurer, MGA, network or underwriting agency. Within the management tier broker reports can be collated and submitted to the holding insurer if required.

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The broker tier

Each broker with access to one of your schemes will have access to the easy to use "broker tier". This allows them to obtain quotations, bind risks, print / email full policy documentation and manage the full life cycle of the policy - new business, MTAs, renewals and cancellations.

Our rating engine can deal with the most complex scenarios and data capture forms are bespoke for each of our clients so you can collect the data you need. Scheme Trader can also manage referrals and, if required, allow system-generated premiums to be amended subject to pre-defined criteria.

All brokers have access to Scheme Trader's built in diary / task manager and notes features and can access full MI on risks they have bound.

Customise schemes for each broker

Scheme Trader is extremely flexible. Access to schemes is set up on a per broker basis - some of your brokers may have access to all your schemes whereas others may only be able to bind risks under certain schemes.

Each scheme / product can also be configured differently for each broker by varying commission rates, terms, geographical exclusions and much more. Scheme documents can also be white labelled.

If you would like to find out more about Scheme Trader please contact us.

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Key features...

Scheme Trader is rich in features to help you transact business with efficiency and speed:

  • Fully hosted and managed software platform.
  • Highly secure with hourly off-site back ups.
  • Supports personal lines and commercial insurance including niche schemes.
  • Separate management and broker tiers.
  • Each product can be configured differently for each broker.
  • Live management information including loss ratios.
  • Remote broker auditing.
  • Audit trail of key tasks.
  • Online submission of accounts.
  • Brokers manage the full life cycle of the policy.
  • Referral process.
  • Diary / task manager and notes features.
  • Brokers can directly administer their own users' access.

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